Trend alert: Women rocking man buns

As summers is here so step aside fellas buns are girls thing now . Yes the new trending hair style man bun is the new summer look and today I am going to tell you guys how to make man buns in 5 easy steps and it depends how you wear it, a women bun can convey a sense of power or show people that you’re feeling laid-back. As with any other style, you wind up reflecting some of the personalities of others who enjoy a similar look.

This might be part of the reason why many women have expressed a liking for the man bun. It adds something rugged and mysterious to your look that attracts attention. Plus, now that this style is so prominent, nobody will think your man bun is unusual. You’ll get a chance to try a new look without having to change anything about yourself.

So you guys need three things to make a man bus and that is a rubber bands, some hair pins  and a black sock. I am telling you people  5 easy steps to make your look elegant.

1st step:

You need a sock .It’s best to use the odd sock that isn’t useful anymore. Try selecting the black one so that it can match your color. You’ll be cutting this sock Cut off the end. Remove the toe-end of the sock using sharp, fabric scissors. Your goal is to create a tube out of the sock, so only cut off as much as is needed to do this. After cutting it fold the socks inside as shown in the picture until it shapes like a pony.

13077150_1373931735966135_473698677_n (1)

2nd step

So now you need to brush your hair and divide your hair into two section. Make a half pony and clearly section your hair so that your face looks slim and beautiful.

3rd step

So the next step is take out the sock you cut off and make it look like a pony .Put it into your half pony and then spread all your hair over it.


4th step

As shown in picture rubber band all your hair to make a bun.


5th step

Take  black pins and pin all your  extra hair messing out of bun and your man bun is ready and you are ready to rock the world.


by Kainat Tahir


The craze of buying lawn in Pakistan


In the past few years the lawn fever has totally gripped the female population of Pakistan. The competition between the designers is increasing day by day. There are countless numbers of billboards placed throughout Pakistan in each city displaying the Lawn brands. Lawn has now become a fashion trend rather than the fabric which was used to feel cozy in the heat of summers.

The lawns are highly expensive. There are so many lawn brands available in the market that customers get confused while deciding which brand to buy and as a result they end up buying various lawns without caring about their budget. The lawns are just as expensive as formal clothes today.

Looking at the craze and fondness of women toward buying lawn, we see more and more brands and designers launching their lawn collections. The fashion designers who once used to only design formal clothes have now moved towards the lawn business.

Printed law suits are just as expensive as silks and chiffons which are the formal wear clothes worn at formal events. Women wait keenly to buy their favorite lawn designs on the day of its launch. On the day of launch women rush to the stores to grab as many law suits as possible. We don’t see this craze among women in any season, but only in summers. They even get into fights while shopping at the store.


On the day of launch of a specific lawn brand , women wait outside the store hours before the store opens up so that they do not miss out on their favourite design . Lawn is no longer just a fabric that you wear to feel comfortable in the heat of summer, but it is more of a fashion statement now.

By Sundus Anwar


Hair Trends


Hair plays a big part in making you look good and in grooming your personality. It can make or break your look. Now a days hair extentions are very much in demand and are available in mostly evry color and length. When going out on special occasions it is the most easiest way to enhance your hair with clip in hair extentions and it’s up to you how much length and volume you want, there are endless possibilities. One of the biggest advantage of hair extentions is that it can cause no damage and harm to your natural hair.

Hair extentions don’t need to be washed. They are available at your local hair salon or from online extention stores. Hair extentions are affordable as compared to permanent methods which are harmful for your natural hair . The quality you purchase wi;; determine the life span of these extentions. You can also cut ,curl or straighten and color the hair extention just like your natural hair.


The other thing which is considered very important is Hair color which also enhances your beauty and plays a major role in making you look unique and beautiful. A new season is upon us and with it, an opportunity for you to update your hair look. Nothing crazy. Just a little hair color refresh. As the sun shines down on May flowers, you might want to consider something brighter! Lighter! Livelier! You get it.

 There are so many techniques which are so much unique and are used by women all around the world. The first technique is named as “balayage”. In this hair color technique it is combined with “Ombre” coloring. This technique was originated in France. This can create  the perfect sun kissed effect on your hair.

 Another techique which is widely used is “Ecaille” which is emerging as top trend. This technique provides a beautiful contrasted colors with its use of dark and rich caramel tones along withsome golden highlights.

Baby lights is a new and famous among celeberities and super stars. This technique of hair color can also make your hair look healthier and the color more dynamic. The reason why it works so well for the warm weather months is because it looks as if the sun lightened it! It is all about subtlety. With babylights, the highlights blend more with your base color as the tiniest bits of hair are sectioned out to be colored.

by Rida Tariq




There are numerous lawn brands available in the market today which in itself speaks out loud about it’s great demand by the female population of Pakistan . The fashion designers have sidelined their formal wear and bridal wear and have now plunged into the lawn business . We see so many lawn stores around today . Everyday there is a new lawn brand launching . When one brand puts its items on sale the other brands immediately do the same inorder to have a strong competition with eachother .

Khaadi , which was only famous for its thick fabric of cotton has now launched its lawn which is much liked by its customers . Sana Safinaz , which was a brand only famous for its formal wear is today making more fame with its lawn now.In summers , which ever store one goes to finds only lawn dresses .


Every designer tries to get the best model for their brand . In places like UAE , North America , South America , Malaysia and UK the business of Pakistani designers has flourished . Khaadi is one brand which is pretty famous in London and they have now opened a store in Kuala Lumpur aswell . Khaadi in UK is gradually becoming popular not only amongst young British Pakistani women , but foreigners are also interested in modern ethnic dresses. Khaadi has emerged as the number one Pakistani female fashion brand on a global level.It looks like a battle of the brands during the sale season and the designers are making more and more money . The lawn business has expanded into various International countries aswell . There is an increasing demand for lawn by the Pakistanis living abroad aswell . The competition among the fashion designers continues .The competition among the brands is increasing and so is the demand of their fabrics .

by Sundus Anwar


file (2)

Monomola long lasting peel off lip colors has market the online world with new craziness. The new lip tattoo’s available in Lovely Peach, Rose Pink, Sweet Orange, Sexy Red and Cherry Red has won every girl’s heart. The long lasting lip product is painless yes you heard it right, you don’t need to apply your lipstick again and again. You will apply it once and you don’t need to reapply it after having your meal. So basically this lip tattoo works as a savior.

The basic of this lip tattoo, you put generous amount on your lips, let it dry and peel it off. It will leave a stain and the color will look natural on your lips. The lip product is in “sticky” liquid form and enclosed in a tube container same like a lip-gloss. Once you press the tube, the product comes out in the small opening which I am not fond of because I find it difficult if I want to be précised during the application. The shades are opaque, Cherry red is a deep red shade with blue undertone while sexy red is a red-orangey color with yellow undertone.

The long lasting color product are cheap with cute packaging. It has a fruity smell and a nice color pay off. The stains looks natural on your lips and can last for 4-5 hours with eating. It is also available online on Instagram and shopping websites. Since there are pros there are also cons of that product since the product has many fake versions so you will get confuse to identify which one is real and which one is fake and if you will buy the fake one it will leave you effect. The lip product is sticky, when you apply it on your lips it takes time to dry out and if you move your lips or talk it will spread on all over your teeth’s. It takes a lot of time and sometimes pain (if you are using the fake one) to take of the residue and the drawback is that it is not available in the local markets.

Since it’s a Korean product so the buyers are not clear about the company information, they found it cheap and are very curious to use the product so they order it online, like I did.

I am sharing my experience with you guys so that you can have a review .Monomolo lip tattoo comes with the sturdy box and had a texture when we touch it, and box got description in Korea language. The lip tattoo tube itseld looks like a lip gloss tube. The applicator is small, it is more suitable for trivial lips.

 The lip tattoos itself has watery texture and you people must be careful when applying on lips, if not the liquid will spread hot. I tried it in hot pink the shade is best color for summers. The lip colors have strong fragrance, when you open the tube cap you can smell strong rose fragrance and smell will make you dizzy but once you will apply it you feel fresher.

So as you can see. I have pale lips and as I didn’t put any lip concealer or lip balm when I applied the lip tattoo on my lips so I felt cold sensation and bit itchy. And mark it girls when you apply the lip tattoo you have to wait till it dries, I know you will be curios to find the result of the product but the more you wait the best result you gets. So I if you don’t wait till it dries you will be like a hungry monster.

Before drying the liquid application

So girls my answer is no, I know it’s attractive and unique but it takes hell a lot of time to dry and you cannot wait enough. My verdict is don’t try it when you have chapped lips and wind burns it will give you canker sore. Don’t try to fix the application with your fingers, you will stain your fingers and one more thing it will hurt like hell if you don’t have smooth lips and it works different on different type of skins. It didn’t wok for me but it worked for my friends.

After peel off the long lasting lip color

By kainat Tahir